tree service crew leader customer inspection 3


Should trees be pruned in the winter? Trees are dormant in the winter and there are fewer leaves, so that is the best time to prune them.
Where is my tree cable? The cabling is 1/4” or 5/16” wide and is placed two thirds from fork to canopy.  Clients should be able to see it if they stand directly under the tree and look for straight lines.
What were the results of my plant sample testing? Confirm the data was sent in (will be under a job in AG).  2–4-week turnaround for all results from UNH.  Results should be scanned and added to the client’s profile when received.
Does the plant application work if it rains right after it is applied? Allow 45 minutes of dry time.  Only cause for concern is if there was a steady downpour right after.  There is a spread or sticker added to the mix if we know it’s going to rain right after application.
Why hasn’t my deer repellent application been done yet? It’s getting late in the year. We must make sure that the weather is warm enough for the application to dry, not freeze.  The temperature must be above 40 degrees for it to be effective.  We will be there as soon as we can.
Why am I being invoiced if the whole job is not done? We invoice as the work is done.  Ex:  tree removal will be invoiced even if logs and stumps are not removed yet.
How do I know that my tree application has been done? A door hanger will be left for you after the application is completed.  If you don’t see a door hanger, we can double check with the technician.
Why does the technician have to leave a flag after each application? ME and MA law requires that a flag be left after each pesticide application.
What was applied to my trees/plants? Is it safe? All our products are EPA approved and are safe once they are dry.
Why was my application done? I didn’t sign up for this. Your plant health care proposal that was sent out at the beginning of the year listed all your services that are automatically renewed from the previous year.  If you had a service that was added on to your proposal, that will renew as well.
Why does my plant health care automatically renew? Good question.  For your convenience, we renew services automatically so you know that your plants and trees are taken care of and don’t have to worry about it every year.
Why are you back so soon? You were just here 2 weeks ago. Applications must be done at specific times for efficiency.  We can’t always group them together depending on the type, but they have specific time gaps that need to be maintained between applications.