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Why Hire a Professional Tree Service? Safety, Efficiency, and More

Keeping up with tree work at your New England property can be a lot of work. Whether you need pruning, plant health care (such as disease and pest management), or tree removal, you might be thinking that you should hire a tree service. But the last thing that you want is to pay for services that you could do yourself.

You might be wondering: Is a tree service worth it?

The truth is, there are plenty of benefits of professional tree care that make it well worth the investment. You’ll get overall better service and results without having to worry about taking risks or making mistakes that could even be destructive (to yourself or your property).

In this article, we’ll drive more in depth into why you ought to consider a professional tree care service.

When You Hire a Tree Service You’ll Get the Work Completed Efficiently

One of the worthwhile benefits of professional tree care is that the work is going to be done quickly. This might not seem like that big of a deal until you have a partially-completed job done in your yard because it was more than you could handle in your free time.

It’s not uncommon for homeowners to assume it will be a quick tree pruning job or tree removal that they can easily do themselves. They have high hopes about knocking it out in a weekend.

homeowner standing near pile of logs and brush

But once they actually get into the work, it becomes clear that it’s actually a massive endeavor. 

We know this because we are sometimes called to complete work that was started by a homeowner. 

Tree work tends to be a lot more time consuming than people realize. You might get started on a Saturday morning and quickly realize you’re in over your head. It’s not ideal to leave a job “partially done” until you can get around to finishing it. It becomes an eyesore and a source of ongoing frustration.

But a tree care service will have entire tree crews that can handle your work much more efficiently.

With Tree Care Professionals You Can Feel Confident About Safety

Another one of the benefits of professional tree care is that safety will be prioritized. 

Tree work like pruning and tree removal can actually be quite hazardous. These services typically involve using serious equipment, climbing ladders, and making cuts that could lead to a limb or entire portion of a tree falling if a mistake is made. It’s arduous work that requires a lot of skill and experience.

tree care expert adjust safety equipment

A tree care professional will understand all of the safety precautions and the best practices that should help you avoid accidents and mishaps. A mistake can be detrimental if it leads to a branch falling on a structure or, even worse, a person.

Every year there are also falls associated with tree work. And injuries can occur from tree pruning tools like chainsaws. We absolutely never want to see homeowners wind up in the hospital for accidents related to DIY tree care

It’s simply not worth taking the risk.

When You Hire a Tree Service the Job Will be Done Right

Another key consideration is making sure that the job is done right. Tree work is a lot more complicated than people tend to realize. Take a service like tree pruning. There is quite a bit of horticultural know-how that goes into doing this the proper way. 

There are even different tree pruning techniques that can be used for different purposes. These involve making different cuts depending on the end goal of pruning.

A tree care professional will know exactly which branches to cut to have the most impact. There is not only an aesthetic benefit to pruning but also a health benefit, too. When you prune away dead, dying, or diseased branches, it helps restore energy into the rest of the tree. It also isolates problems and prevents them from spreading and impacting the tree as a whole.

But pruning mistakes can also lead to a tree’s decline. If you cut the wrong branches or prune too much off, you could severely harm your tree. You also won’t see all of the benefits of pruning if you make errors. Pruning mistakes can lead to problems with disease, decay, and pest infestations.

When you prune a tree, there has to be a strategic plan in place. There is so much more to it than just haphazardly choosing branches to cut. When you make poor-cut choices, you could potentially harm the tree rather than help it.

tree care expert prunes tree

This is not to say that a so-called “pro” couldn’t also make a mistake. When you hire a tree service you want to do your due diligence and make sure you choose someone qualified. Untrained tree care workers can still make mistakes like bad cuts that end up harming your tree.

There’s even an outdated pruning practice that we still see some tree pruning companies make. This is called “tree topping” and it’s a big mistake. If you’ve ever seen a tree lopped in half, this is tree topping.

Choose a Seacoast Tree Care in Northeastern Massachusetts, Southern NH, and Southern Maine

In order to gain the full benefits of professional tree care, you must make a wise choice when you hire a tree service.

Choosing a tree care company that values extensive training is important. You want to make sure that whoever is working on your property’s trees actually knows exactly what they’re doing. You can get a sense of how experienced a company is by spending some time on their website and also reaching out and asking some questions. 

As you do your research, we recommend looking for companies that employ Certified Arborists. These are individuals who are not only trained but certified in the field.

In addition to knowing exactly what cuts to make on your tree or how to remove it as safely as possible, a Certified Arborist will also be able to identify and diagnose potential tree problems. Trees can be subject to problems like diseases, pests, and more. It always helps to have an expert eye taking a good look at your trees.

If you decide to hire a tree service we would love for you to consider Seacoast Tree Care.

At Seacoast Tree Care, we’re committed to preserving the health and beauty of trees by performing vital services like tree pruning, tree removal, and general tree care the right way. When you make a wise choice in tree services, you’ll ultimately take an important step in protecting the value of your property’s trees.

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