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6 Essential Spring Tree Care Tasks for New England Landscapes

Taking care of your trees is essential when it comes to preserving their health. As we’ve said many times before, trees are treasures and we feel strongly that we need to be their guardians.

Caring for trees in spring is especially important as they can be subject to more problems during the warmer months. 

In this article, we’ll dive into what you should know about spring tree care. 

We’ll cover:

1. Cleaning up around your trees
2. Looking for signs of trouble
3. Mulching and watering trees
4. Tree fertilization
5. Performing proper pruning
6. Working with tree care services

With the proper spring tree maintenance you can help ensure longevity.

#1: Cleaning up around your trees

Caring for trees in spring starts with cleaning up winter debris. People don’t spend as much time outside during the winter and it’s not uncommon for the yard to be a bit messy once spring rolls around.

landscape expert cleans up tree debris

The winter conditions may have left your yard scattered with small branches and other yard debris. Getting that cleaned up will help get your property off to a good start for the spring. Your yard will not only look tidier, but you’ll discourage problems like pests taking up residence in your yard or introducing fungi as that debris decays.

#2: Looking for signs of trouble

As you start to spend more time outside, spring tree care should also involve scouting for signs of problems. Immediate issues like hanging branches or any leaning that might have been caused by a winter storm are priorities. 

But other signs of trouble include potential pest or disease damage

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Unfortunately, sometimes these types of problems are not overtly noticeable to homeowners. It makes sense to work with a tree care professional to ensure that your trees are in good shape.

#3: Mulching and watering trees

We also recommend mulching around a tree. Mulched tree rings can help to insulate and protect roots and will also help the soil to retain precious water. 

But proper mulching is key. Unfortunately, quite frequently, people over-mulch their trees or they pile it up against the trunk. This can lead to problems that would require root collar excavation.

plant health care technician inspects tree in landscape bed

Proper watering is also critical. Trees need moist soil to thrive. But overwatering can lead to trouble like root rot. A few signs of an overwatered tree include soggy soil, growth of mushrooms or moss around the tree, and yellowing leaves.

#4: Tree fertilization

Your trees are ultimately only as healthy as the soil they’re growing in. That’s why tree fertilization is another essential spring tree care service. At Seacoast, we combine organic fertilizer that is low in nitrogen with biostimulants that help introduce healthy microorganisms into your soil. This will produce the best possible growing conditions for your trees and shrubs.

landscape professional fertilizes tree with deep root fertilization

Fertilizing your trees and shrubs can support healthier growth. You might notice greener leaves and more profuse blooms when a tree is properly fertilized. 

Fertilization also supports overall health and can make a tree more resistant to problems. While it’s not a cure for pests or diseases, a properly fertilized tree might be able to better resist these types of problems on its own.

#5: Performing proper pruning

Pruning is another essential tree care service that not only improves your tree’s appearance but also improves its health. 

tree care exert prunes tree with chainsaw

There are different tree pruning techniques that can be used depending on what’s going on with your trees (as well as your goals for them). We’ll cover these in more depth a little further on but these include crown cleaning, crown thinning, crown raising, and crown reduction.

While some homeowners try to tackle tree pruning themselves, this is a service best left to the pros. It can be complicated and even dangerous if not performed correctly.

#6: Working with tree care services in Southern NH, ME, and MA

Hopefully, these spring tree care tips gave you a good starting point for managing your property’s trees. But we know that understanding everything your trees may need can be complicated. 

At the end of the day, you’ll get the best results when you partner with professional tree care services.

A tree care professional will be able to guide you toward everything that your trees need to perform their best. Every situation is different and you need an expert to help make helpful recommendations for your specific property.

Ultimately, you want to find a company that has your best interest at heart and that you can build a long-term relationship with. Your property requires ongoing care and it’d be great to partner with a company that you truly trust.

Working with Seacoast Tree Care for Spring Tree Care and More

Your trees require an expert guiding you throughout the year. 

At Seacoast Tree Care, we take the work that we do quite seriously. We started our business with the belief that we are here to care for and protect trees whenever we can. However, when they do have to be removed, it’s absolutely critical that it’s done right. We also offer tree removal services when trees are sick or problematic.

Whatever your trees need, we’re here to help.

We are committed to preserving trees in the New England area by keeping a watchful eye and performing the services they need.

Ready for safer and healthier trees at your Southern NH, Maine, or Northeastern Massachusetts home? Request your consultation and get a free quote for tree pruning services. We service properties in and around Stratham, NH, Kittery, ME, and Haverhill, MA. By making a wise choice, you’ll know your trees are in good hands.

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