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3 Reasons Why You Should Remove a Tree Stump From Your Yard

If you’re having a tree removed from your property, you might be wondering is tree stump removal necessary. The stump (which was once the tree’s anchor into the ground) now serves no purpose…but do you need to remove it or can it just stay in the ground?

Actually, there are a few reasons to remove a tree stump, some of which you may not have considered.

In this article, we’ll dive into some of those reasons so that you can make the best choice for your New England property.

Why Remove a Tree Stump?

Let’s talk about some of the reasons to remove a tree stump, as well as how to go about doing that.

#1: Tree Stumps Left in the Ground Will Rot

One of the reasons to remove a tree stump is the fact that a left-behind stump is going to begin to rot. When this happens, it can become an invitation for a Carpenter Ant or Termite colony to form. Rotting wood is very attractive to these pests because it is easier to eat.

homeowner and tree expert inspect stump

The trouble is, that when these pests take up residence in your rotting tree stump, they may eventually move elsewhere on your property. If the tree stump is near your home, this is particularly concerning.

A rotting tree stump is also likely to become a host for disease, which has the potential of spreading to other plants in your landscape.

The bottom line is that you don’t want a rotting stump on your property.

#2: Left-Behind Tree Stumps are a Mowing and Trip Hazard

Another reason to remove a tree stump is the fact that it will become a mowing obstacle and a trip-and-fall hazard. Mowing equipment can even be broken if a low stump is accidentally run over.

There’s also no question that a stump can become a hazard to anyone walking or playing in your yard (particularly young children).

#3: Tree Stumps Can Become an Eyesore

Finally, there’s the aesthetics. 

Tree stumps left in the ground can be a real eyesore that will reduce your property’s curb appeal and value over time. Even a tree stump that has not rotted is not doing anything to help the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Along with that, you have to consider the fact that a tree stump takes up valuable space. They can get in the way of otherwise usable space 

What to Do With Tree Stumps?

The best approach is definitely to remove a stump rather than leave it behind to rot and cause problems. 

This is a separate service from tree removal and it uses different equipment. But stump removal is still best left to tree care professionals. It can be complicated work, requiring intense machinery. 

We’ve written an article on how much stump removal costs, if you want to learn more. It starts at $250 and goes upwards from there. Compared to the cost of tree removal, it’s a small investment. But it’s one that we think is well worth it, considering the problems that left-behind stumps can cause.


Tree Stump Removal in Southern NH, ME, and MA

As we’ve mentioned, it’s important to work with a professional when having a tree stump removed. This work can be dangerous but with the right knowledge, training, and experience, a good tree stump removal service will be able to handle it. 

At Seacoast Tree Care, we can take care of both your tree removal and stump removal needs. When you choose to work with a reputable service, you can let go of any worries and know that you’re going to get the job done right.

Are you looking to have a tree and its stump removed at your Southern NH, ME, or MA home? Request your consultation and get a free quote for tree removal services. By making a wise choice, you’ll know your trees are in good hands.

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