6 Myths about Tree Removal

A tree that seems healthy to an untrained eye can have an infestation, disease, or be close to the end of its life span. When practices such as pruning or disease mitigation can no longer preserve a tree’s health, taking it down is the safest option to minimize injury to your family, property, and neighborhood. However, several myths about tree removal commonly prevent homeowners from removing trees which exposes them to potential property damage and spreading of infections. If you have a decaying tree and want to remove it but have doubts because of myths surrounding tree removal, read on.

Remove trees only if they are dead

Fact: Homeowners avoid removing trees from their property as they are a good source of shade. However, if your tree is infected or has broken branches, you must be proactive in removing it to prevent accidental falling and spreading of diseases, which can endanger the safety of your family members and neighbors.
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There are no long-term side effects of tree removal

Fact: Besides the cosmetic effects of removing an aging or infected tree, there are many long-term side effects. For example, tree roots play a critical role in preventing soil erosion. Once these roots die and decay, it's possible that erosion may increase significantly in the vicinity. You must regularly monitor soil erosion after tree removal and set up an erosion control net until other plants fill in the gap.

It’s harmless not to remove the stump

Fact: Most tree removal services charge an additional fee to remove a tree stump. As a result, homeowners often leave it in place to avoid the expense. However, it’s not the most prudent decision as the decaying stump can become a breeding place for termites, ants, and other insects.

Tree stump removal involves chemicals

Fact: Although you can find chemicals to dissolve the remaining wood of a stump, this is not what a professional stump remover will use. They use a machine known as a stump grinder with rotating wheel blades that gradually chip away the wood out of the ground.

Stump removal will leave a gaping hole in the yard

Fact: Removing a tree stump will leave behind a hole, but the tree stump removal contractor will fill this hole before leaving. They will compact the sawdust that resulted from the removal process into the hole and top it with dirt or topsoil in a mounded fashion. As the sawdust inside breaks down, the mound will settle in level with the rest of the lawn.

Tree stump removal is expensive

Fact: Homeowners often assume that having a tree stump removed must be expensive because of the cost of labor and specialized equipment. However, most tree stump removal experts will only charge you between about $80 and $300 depending on the tree stump size.

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