7 Tree Removal Tools You Should Know About

Although trees are a part of our natural landscape, they can suffer from diseases, infestation, and structural problems. They can also threaten your neighborhood, family members, and personal property because of storm damage, massive rainstorms, or aging. As incredible as they are, trees can outgrow their designated areas and compete with other trees, shrubs, and plants for nutrients. In such cases, you must remove trees from your landscape. 
You can ensure a safe and quick tree removal job with the help of the following tools:

Tree shear

If your tree has low-hanging branches, tree shear is the perfect tool. It’s a heavy-duty mechanical machine used to clear wooded areas and harvest unwanted trees. Tree shear is an ideal tool for small evergreen trees with most of the branches close to the ground.


Axes are one of the oldest and most trusted tools for removing trees because of their sharpness, precision, and ease of use. Axes have a small handle, making them easy to grip and maneuver. Double-sided axes are great for cutting down trees, while pickaxes can help pry tree roots out of the soil.

Crosscut saws

With a handle on each end, crosscut saws require two people to operate. Each person should stand on either side of the tree and hold the saw at a 45-degree angle before sawing. Crosscut saws come in varying lengths, so choose the size that correlates with the diameter of the tree you want to remove.


Chainsaws are the most versatile tools for a gardener. It has a running chain with sharp teeth to smoothly cut through thick and sturdy branches, providing a clean cut. Chainsaws come in various shapes, designs, and configurations. Based on your cutting needs, you can choose between a full-chisel and a semi-chisel chainsaw. You can also select the type of power source: battery-powered, electric, or gas-powered chainsaw. Gas-powered chainsaws are best for felling trees, while electric chainsaws are suitable for pruning trees and shrubbery.

Brush grubber

You can also make use of brush grubber to uproot small trees instead of cutting them. A brush grubber is a simple-to-use tool with a clamp comprising metal jaws with heavy-duty spikes where the chain is attached to a towing vehicle. With the help of the vehicle's force, the grubber pulls the tree out of the ground.

Brush mower

A brush mower is another heavy-duty machine used to mow saplings and small trees. It is a walk-behind lawnmower with a dull blade, used to whack through the thick woody brush, saplings, and smaller trees. It also allows you to chop up downed trees, leaving them mulched, saving you the hassle of dragging them away.

Stump grinders

After you've successfully cut down the tree, you'll need to extract its stump, which can be  difficult to remove since tree roots can run deep underneath the soil. You can get stump-removing chemicals or use stump grinding equipment. They have rotating teeth that can quickly and easily dispose of a stump and its roots.

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