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7 Reasons You Should Remove Trees in Winter

Winter is a time for hibernation for many living creatures, and trees are no different. During winter, trees enter a dormancy period to survive extreme temperatures and preserve their strength for the upcoming spring and summer seasons. It is also the ideal time to remove dead or decaying trees since tree maintenance activities like removal, pruning, or trimming are safer and more efficient in winter.

Here we share seven reasons you should carry out tree removal during winter.


Better Visibility

Most trees shed their leaves during winter. The lack of foliage allows you to inspect and examine every part of the tree closely. You can look for visible signs of mold decay and other diseases. It helps you identify unhealthy trees that you may have missed during periods of low visibility.

Minimal Cleanup

Tree removal during winter leaves fewer leaves to collect afterward, which makes the job easier. You will also spend less time clearing the areas with dead leaves. It makes your springtime cleaning effortless, as you won’t have to spend time removing excess leaves from the dead trees.

No Ground and Flower-Bed Damage

Tree removal requires an open area and heavy machinery, which can damage the surrounding ground. However, in winter, the soil is hardened due to snow, making it more resistant to damage. Most flowering plants wither away during winter; therefore, you won’t need to clear them out for tree removal.

Enhanced Safety

Winter can be brutal. Thunderstorms, heavy snowfall, and rain can easily break away weak and dead branches, which can cause extensive damage to your property if not promptly removed. Tree removal during early winter eliminates this problem. If there are power lines near the trees, avoid DIY removal and call an expert immediately.

Prevents the Spread of Diseases

During winter, most insects, pests, and disease-spreading fungus are dormant. Therefore, it is the ideal time to remove infested trees without the risk of spreading diseases.

Improved Spring Appearance

Removing dead and decaying branches in the winter allows the tree to replenish quickly. After a period of healthy growth, the trees look healthier in the upcoming spring season.

Less Stressful for Trees

Since the tree becomes dormant during winter, it can heal and rejuvenate slowly after removing dead branches. During winter, the trees soak up essential nutrients from the group for greater nourishment. Therefore, it is preferable to opt for tree removal during winter.

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