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A Beginner’s Guide to Pruning and Trimming Trees

Tree trimming and pruning are landscaping techniques that help improve your yard’s look and feel and maintain healthy trees.
You must prune and trim your trees in sync with the seasons for the best results. For instance, trimming trees during midwinter encourages growth during summer. Meanwhile, trimming them after fall makes it easy to identify and remove damaged and infected limbs. However, summer is not a good time to prune most trees. 
Here we share the most effective pruning methods for small and large branches and the advantages of pruning and trimming your trees regularly.

Ideal pruning methods

Proper pruning of small and large branches promotes a strong tree structure. 

For small branches: Cut one-fourth inch above the bed at a 45° angle to promote new growth and prevent water damage and disease. You don't need power tools for pruning small branches. 

For large branches: Cutting is a three-step process. The first cut is to remove the weight from the branch. For this, cut approximately 18 inches to the lower side of the selected branch. The second cut is for the top; chop until it breaks free. The third cut is for a swollen and rough patch at the base of a branch. Pruning large branches require power tools; do it only if you have the required safety gear and experience.

Benefits of tree pruning and trimming

Boosts tree health:  Overgrown trees become weak, and their chance to survive the next season diminishes. They are more susceptible to infection and disease, which might kill them. Regular trimming and pruning removes infected branches and creates a healthy space for the tree to grow and prosper. 

Ensures safety:  Harsh weather such as storms, snowfall, rain, and high winds pose a significant risk to infected branches. Weak limbs can fall and damage your property, vehicles or injure a family member. Therefore, hire a local arborist to ensure you never face such a situation. They will also regulate pest infestation and work to enhance the longevity and health of your trees. 

Adds to landscape aesthetics:  Overgrown trees with dense branches restrict sunlight and rain from reaching the ground. They also ruin your landscape's aesthetics. Regular trimming will allow sunlight and water to get to the grass and other small plants growing around the larger trees. Enhance your garden by removing unwanted limbs obstructing a beautiful view. 

Keeps you healthy and happy:  An abundance of greenery in your home creates a soothing environment. It's also a sign of prosperity, health, and happiness. A well-maintained yard ensures a regular supply of fresh air, keeping health issues at bay. Your garden is also an ideal place to spend relaxing weekends with your family, friends, and colleagues. Regular tree trimming and maintenance will turn your garden into a leisure haven.

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